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IRE (Goodness)

IRE (Goodness) My sweetest song are those of my saddest thought

IRE (Goodness) by Ayodeji Sirnoble | IRE (Goodness) | Download MP3, Lyrics & Video

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IRE (Goodness)

Song by Ayodeji Sirnoble


IRE (Goodness) so inspire and emotional with slower tempos and diminished chord... - IRE (Goodness) - You can listen to "IRE (Goodness)", a song by "Ayodeji Sirnoble" here.


Music listed in Christian Songs , Yoruba Songs category. Posted 1 month ago by Sirnoble

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IRE (Goodness) - Ayodeji Sirnoble Lyrics

Kutu aye mi oo baba Kaye mi ladun o oo Iji-iji moji saye Kaye ladun o oo irin irin mo rin gere Kemi rin na kore ee (2x).
Tan mole si o oluorun kin ma fese ko laye mo wa ikose po laye baba mi o kin ma teso ajunilo mo oo...

IRE (Goodness) by Ayodeji Sirnoble music video



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