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Starboy dropped a fantastic song as usual. Listen and enjoy

Body by Wizkid | Body | Download MP3, Lyrics & Video

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Song by Wizkid


cool music from Starboy - Body - You can listen to "Body", a song by "Wizkid" here.


Music listed in Afro Hip Hop category. Posted 1 month ago by theejay1

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Body - Wizkid Lyrics

Oh Bo Bod
Bo Bo Bo Bo Bo Body
My baby yeah
Its your body
Yeah The way you shaking your body
Make a nigga wanna spend just to rocky your body
I wanna give you from behind I wanna touchy your body
With the way you shake your body you fit kill somebody
When I come through dem wanna touchy my body
All the girls come around wanna kill somebody
Dem wanna follow me go yeah me and my buddies
When me show dem come just to follow me party
Oh oh dem love my party
when I come through bad guys light their kpoli
Dem wanna see me rock the stage
My music rocking the party
I give dem what dey want to hear dem want to hear me freestyle
Oh baby no wasting time
Make dem other guys go stand in line
Make we run things I wanna make you mine
Ah ya see see see
my honey
See the way you moving your sexy body
See Girl you dey make me want to spend my money
See just move your sexy body
Please move your sexy body
Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya
See I'm a ghetto boy I'm rocking the show
I dey sing anything do re mi fo so la ti do
I'm bad and I get many awards to show
My team large EME we dey run the show
Ya dem know say my party dey happen
My music mad yeah my party must rock
My zanga people dey feel my flow
Dem like alomo dem never give me syrup
But me ah, I no dey drink Bacardi
When I show just pass me a bottle of pepsi
I dey ball I'm bad like Lionel Messi
If you no want trouble then please don't test me ah
Super wizzy see the s on my chest
Like Dj Khaled guess we're the best
Team EME you can fashy the rest
Baba God don bless so we no go dey stress ah
Baby girl to the floor
Move it slow je ka jo
Baby girl to the floor
Move it slow je ka jo
With the way you move your body (girl)
I can tell that you want me (girl)
Bad girl you're naughty (girl)
Come on shake it for daddy.

Body by Wizkid music video



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