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Mafimisile Remix

Mafimisile Remix by TIZZY Goodbadboy | Mafimisile Remix | Download MP3, Lyrics & Video

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Mafimisile Remix

Song by TIZZY Goodbadboy


Mafimisile Remix talk about love and Commitment - Mafimisile Remix - You can listen to "Mafimisile Remix", a song by "TIZZY Goodbadboy" here.


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Mafimisile Remix - Tizzy Goodbadboy Lyrics

Intro: Remix, YhakBoi... FOLAMIND oo (Jah Rastafahrahi)


Chorus: You know say ah local
Ahgo be your defender
Am Not a pretender
Titilahi Titilahi forever
Shohun gbor ooo

Mafimisile lor!!!

You know.... BAE

Dem talk say love is blind
But am seeing your shadow
Anytime I look in your eyes
I can't wait for time oohhh
Baby, what have i done wrong
Why you doing this to me
Sheybi because of your ur love
Baby don't treat me like this

Don't go, ENIBIOKAN MI don't goo ooo (X4ce)

TIZZY Goodbadboy
Baby oooo, Mafimisile lor

Verse 2: TIZZY Goodbadboy

I got you baby, Malorfimisilelor
The very first time timosorpey Malor gor
I don fall in love , Ahdon turn to Omugor
Forget all my mistakes Make you forget all my Flaws

Baby ooo, Oohhh Mafimisile lor

Uuuuuuuu, yeeeehhhh, Ahnnnnn Mafimisile lor

Love, This love is from my soul

Verse 3:

Yeeeehhhh, Shey you go follow me
You dey drive me Kolo niii

Baby Malor Under rate ooohhh
Jor 🙏 Tete waleeeeyyyy

Orekelewa Malor gbagbe Ajosor
Ojhur tabarira omah sure Gongo Aso
Ifemi sieh am ready to break the law
Concurbility Rodo Lori ConCursion



FOLAMIND; FolaMind oo, Jah Rastafahrahi

Mafimisile Remix by TIZZY Goodbadboy music video



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